The year is 2012

     The world has continuously progressed since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. The population is growing, the technological level increases every day, even politically the world is evolving - Democracy and Human Rights are a norm in almost every corner of the planet. The year is 2012 and mankind is boldly heading to... total collapse.

     It's no secret that progress works well when resources are virtually unlimited. It might be fifty, one hundred or one thousand years from now, but essential minerals (oil, metals, uranium etc) will certainly end. Agriculture needs space, and with all intensive cultivation, it can't keep supporting a steeply growing population. Finally humanity needs living space, and that will also end at one point. This site will show you why population control is not a solution, but a big lie

        Space exploitation and colonization stands as the only rational solution to our future. This independent website is dedicated to space advocacy and finding solutions to the upcoming future. Our society needs a Global reform regarding not only science and technology, but also society and government. It needs a Second Age of Enlightenment.