Useful links

Here are some useful Internet resources related to terraforming and colonizing our Solar System:

- Red Colony - an advocacy group dediacted to terraforming and settling Mars.

- MarsDrive - initiative related to Red Colony

- The Mars Society - international Mars advocacy organization, with a large collection of articles.

- The Living Universe Foundation - space advocacy group based on M.T. Savage's "Millenial Project".

- The Millenial Project 2.0 Wiki - the Project itself.

- An Overview on Mars Terraforming By the AIAA-SCTC.

- The Terraforming Information Pages - Martyn Fogg's website, with some articles and lots of bibliography.

- Terraformers Society of Canada.

- Terraformers Australia.

- New Mars.

- Terraformer Mars (fr.).

- Orbit-Mars (fr.).

- Paul Birch's Web Page - some interesting proposals based on large-scale engineering.

- The Terraformation of Worlds - a good article by Peter Ahrens

- Journal of Cosmology has a volume dedicated to colonizing Mars.

- The Future - step-by-step proposal for colonizing the Solar System, with great images.

- The LaRouche PAC - U.S.-based left-wing group, in my knowledge, the only political movement that considers terraforming and space colonization among their priorities, in several documents like this or this.

- Telescope Planet - Many space-lovers would certainly want to see celestial bodies in our System with their own eyes, so here is a good place to buy all sorts of telescopes and accessories.